Are you tired of heaving hoses and pipes around your garden or lawn to keep grass, flowers and shrubs green? To make your life easier and save time and resources, irrigation systems are your best bet.


Landscapes and gardens can be big or small. Using little irrigation appliances for huge landscapes can prove non-feasible while installing tremendous irrigation systems for little areas is not economical either. Thus, at Chaya, you receive the best advice from our experts in terms of the special needs of your landscape and which irrigation system can sustain it best, from pumps to sprinklers.


An automated irrigation system refers to the operation of the system with no or just a minimum of manual intervention beside the surveillance. Almost every system (drip, sprinkler, surface) can be automated with help of timers, sensors or computers or mechanical appliances. It makes the irrigation process more efficient.


1) Automation eliminates the manual operation of opening or closing valves
2) Possibility to change frequency of irrigation and fertigation processes and to optimize these processes
3) Adoption of advanced crop systems and new technologies, especially new crop systems that are complex and difficult to operate manually
4) Use of water from different sources and increased efficiency in water and fertilizer use
5) System can be operated at night, water loss from evaporation is thus minimized
6) Irrigation process starts and stops exactly when required, thus optimizing energy requirements